Tinctures are the most common types of CBDs available in the market. They are perhaps the purest applications of CBD. Some brands may add a little flavor to tinctures to mellow down the strong taste and make it easier for customers to take it. Tinctures are usually taken by placing a few drops under the tongue and the serving strength may range from 10mg to 100mg. Most widely used for: Anxiety, Focus, Pain, Relaxation and Wellness


Using pills and capsules are perhaps the easiest way to include CBD in your lifestyle. You can take them as daily supplements along with any vitamins you take. Each capsule contains a specific amount of CBD, so this helps you keep a track of your CBD intake. On the downside, pills are limited when it comes to adjusting your daily intake. Take one capsule daily (or as needed) with a glass of water.


CBD edibles are popular for their taste, ease of use, and discretion on how to use them. They come in various forms such as chocolates, baked goods, and gummies. So, this is a delicious way to administer CBD daily.


These types of CBD come in the form of lotions, salves, balms, and rubs that can be applied topically to the skin. These are used  to help with skin inflammation, acne, chronic pain, psoriasis, anti-aging, and so on.

Full Spectrum – Broad Spectrum – Isolate

Full Spectrum products are made from the full plant. All the naturally occurring cannabanoids, terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals work together (entourage effect) to increase the potential health benefits. This includes trace amounts (<.3%) of THC – the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana.

Broad Spectrum products are full spectrum products that have been further processed to remove the trace amount of THC.

Isolate products are pure CBD. No other cannabanoids are present. Sometimes terpenes are added to enhance the flavor.

Drug Testing: Most workplace and sports drug screenings look for delta-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the substance in marijuana that makes you “high”. Most do not screen for Cannabidiol (CBD) or other legal and natural hemp based compounds. However some tests can not distinguish between CBD, THC and other cannabinoids therefore may show a positive result when screening urine and blood specimens. If you are subject any form of drug testing or screening we recommended that you DO NOT ingest CBD or hemp oil.

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